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About Our Foams:

Polyethylene 2# pcf
A closed-cell polyethylene foam plank; resilient and non-abrasive; provides excellent shock and vibration protection during product transport; water resistant and has good flotation properties for recreational and sporting applications; cut with our CNC machines for clean sharp cavities in the foam.
Polyethylene 1.7 pcf RENEW
Same properties as above; recycled foam plank contains at least 40% and up to 60% recycled pre-consumer raw material content; provides excellent protection against shock and vibration during transport; environmentally sensible choice for going greener with reusable shipping cases.
A closed-cell polyethylene foam plank, pink in color, same protection against shock and vibration with anti-static additives in the foam to eliminate static from the foam and dissipate electro-static activity from other sources.
Convoluted Foam
A polyurethane foam convoluted with peaks and valleys (like an egg carton), used in the lid of cases for additional protection, allowing for compression of the packaged items into the foam Polyurethane foam – A flexible foam that springs back after compressions, offers good shock protection, usually die cut.
Crosslink Foam
A closed cell polyethylene, firm, tight cell structure without visible cells, can be cut with water jets, more expensive than PE Plank, commonly used in the marine and medical industry.

Product Video

Client - Ed Levine's Custom Cut Pelican 1150 Pistol Case